Our Goals:

For our efforts to be effective we need to have tangible and realistic goals. As we have a direct relationship with the school we can concentrate our energies on what Sawiri needs most and meeting those needs to the best of our ability.

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Where are we now?

Since the launch, the school has focused on three areas: a student partnership which aims to partner students at BISR with student at Sawiri with the intention of regular tuition to improve English; a teacher-teacher partnership intended to support curriculum development on both schools; and resource sharing in which we can, through fund-raising’ help the Sawiri school purchase resources and equipment to benefit the refugee children.

student and Teacher Partnerships

As a school our greatest strengths are our teaching staff and student body. The student to student partnership will be a system wherein one of our sixth form students is partnered with a student at Sawiri with the aim of improving the English of Sawiri students. The students will communicate via Skype once a week following a twelve-week ILETS based course. Over the twelve weeks our students will develop a relationship with the Sawiri students that will enrich both sides.

The teacher to teacher partnership is being set up with the aim of supporting curriculum development. Teachers will be able to share their experience and expertise in a two-way information exchange that will prove beneficial for Sawiri as well as BISR.

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Sending Resources to Sawiri

The school has accumulated numerous resources that we are working on shipping to Sawiri. Currently we are focusing on the collection of books and bags that we will deliver to Lebanon

 Set library up in Sawiri

A library is an essential part of any school. With that in mind, we are hoping to use the books we have collected to create a crucial education resource for Sawiri’s students.