BISR has a long-established culture of charity. Our Make a Difference Club (MAD) has been involved in numerous charitable activities that are now focused on Sawiri. We are constantly look at new and innovative ways to raise funds and awareness for Sawiri.

Last Year we organized:

Movie Night

We had a Halloween themed charity movie night. It was a night of fright and pizza!

PTA Fun Day

The PTA Fun Day is an annual event for parents, teachers and students. Last year we had a Sawiri stall that sold wristband and t-shirts to raise awareness and funds for our cause.


This was an event that took the competitive house spirit of BISR students, and turned it into a fun fundraising extravaganza. For each milestone of money raised, students got to see teachers face some gruelling challenges.

Valentine Chocolates

We have an annual Valentine fundraiser where students can purchase assorted chocolates for each other to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

REACH themed non-uniform day

Our REACH motto is a source of pride for the BISR community, so we organised a non-uniform day where students had to come dressed on one of the REACH colours.

Trips to Sawiri

Our students and teachers have been on numerous visits to Sawiri. During the visits we have engaged with the Sawiri community, listening to their stories and learning how we can help. In the summer some of our teachers bought and helped set up white boards with funds that has been raised by our students. Recently, our principal visited the school to find out how we can develop and cultivate our partnership to take it to the next level.

Collection Drives

Our school community has enthusiastically responded to our collection drives. We have successfully collected numerous books that we plan to use to stock the library in Sawiri.